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The Pool Chair (based on a true story )
Posted:May 16, 2018 4:48 pm
Last Updated:May 24, 2018 8:17 am
My new neighbours Diane and George , (an attractive married couple in their 40's), share a back yard gate with me, which was there when I bought my house. That gate is never locked. They have a pool and I have a jacuzzi and summer was just around the corner. We all were planning on using that gate often, to cross from one side to the other . It was Saturday afternoon, in mid May and I had been invited to their pool. I walked through the gate and into their yard, where I suddenly found Diane, alone, and naked - her legs spread wide open. I quietly sat on a chair facing her. She lay
on her pool chair, her eyes covered with a small, wet, hand towel - as she vigorously massaged her pussy. I watched her as she got wet, played with her swollen clit, plunged her fingers into herself and quivered repeatedly - all the while moaning and sighing. Finally she shuddered to her body shaking orgasm - quite oblivious to my presence, just feet away. I noticed that her toes curled and uncurled in a really cute way and I smiled. She was quite embarrassed when she finally lifted her hand towel and saw me sitting there in my bathing suit, just feet away . My cock was rock hard and I was soaking wet from precum. She tried to cover herself but her hand towel was too small and her bathing suit was thrown quite a long ways, on another chair. I wasn't much help. I grinned at her and asked, "Where's George?".
"At a golf tournament", she stammered , still breathing heavily. "He's home soon."
Later, as she poured me a tall glass of gin and tonic (but before her husband George arrived), she confessed to me, that she had known I was sitting there all along! I got twice as hard and twice as wet thinking about that. She smiled at me and winked. I slowly sipped my cold drink and looked at her and sat down on her pool chair. Diane was a tease! Yes... It was going to be an interesting summer, I smiled to myself as I sipped my drink.
Dinner Games (based on a true story)
Posted:May 7, 2018 1:24 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2018 12:44 am
Life is funnier than fiction... and sometimes, more embarrassing and hot well. Here is what happened...

I was in my late twenties and my soon to be wife, Susan and I, had announced our engagement. I was to be dragged around - home to home - by my fiancee, to meet her side of the family. Our first visit was to her older cousin's house - Silvia , a very hot and attractive, tall woman , in her early thirties - just a few years older than me. Dinner was relaxed and leisurely, however my playful, horny, wife to be, had been working me up, from under the dining room table. She was massaging and squeezing my dick through my pants, and all the while , conducting a normal conversation with her cousin. I added my comments when I could - but it was difficult, to say the least. My erection was a monster and I was sure that my precum was soaking my underwear. My fiancee smiled at me once and asked if everything was alright. I smiled meekly back, and furled my eyebrows, as if to say- 'I'll get you back! '. Eventually, I succeeded in discreetly getting up, (napkin in hand), and made my way to one of the bathrooms in the house. I chose the one upstairs, as it was a bit more private than the one along the main hallway.

I walked into the bathroom, locked the door, unzipped my pants and pulled out my swollen 'friend' . It's really tough to pee, if you've had a 'hard on', for a while. I stared at my engorged dick and tried to focus on getting to the point of my visit. I pushed - but the only thing to come out, was another drop of precum. It lingered there on the tip of my penis- glistening in the brilliant bathroom light.

It was at that moment that the bathroom door flung open, and there, standing a foot from me was my financee's cousin. I was too shocked and embarrassed to move. Her cousin, Silvia, although surprised that the door was unlocked, was obviously as playful as my soon to be wife, and she just stood there and smiled, as she stared at my glistening chubby!

"My, my my! Susan is a lucky lady", she chirped as she flashed a wide, brilliant smile, and stared at my precum dripping cock. "The door to this bathroom is fidgety", she continued, as if conversations with guys with their swollen dicks in their hands, in her bathroom, were every day events. "I'd show you how it works but it looks like you're busy ", she continued, as her eyes rose up and held mine, in a teasing embrace.

"We're almost out of toilet paper. I'll get you a new roll", and with that she knelt down, next to the toilet. Her head was inches from my ever growing cock. Her eyes and gaze, never left the head of my purple, glistening, swollen dick and as she reached for the toilet paper, her eyes remained glued, to my now, rock hard penis. I could feel her warm breath on my cock as she exhaled through her mouth and inhaled through her nose very slowly, in a gentle gust, while almost touching my dick with her nose. She lingered there for what seemed (to me), like agonizing minutes , but were perhaps, only seconds. My 'friend' twitched as she breathed again and I felt her hot air caress my glans. As she rose from her knees, she placed the fresh roll of paper right next to me on the bathroom counter, but as she did so - she, 'accidentally', brushed the back of her hand against the tip of my wet cock. I could feel the heat from her skin. The precum that had been dripping from my penis was now smeared in a glossy stain on her hand. She knew perfectly well what she had done. As her eyes grasped mine, she brought the back of her hand, slowly up to her mouth , flicked her tongue and licked her hand clean-all the while, staring into my eyes. Then, suddenly she turned to walk away. She glanced back at me, and my huge, now throbbing 'hard on' , once more. "I'll lock the door properly for you. It doesn't look like you're finished yet. ", she giggled. With a toss of her hair and a soft laugh, she locked the door, walked out, and closed it quickly behind her.

I stood there as my cock throbbed and twitched in the air. I moved to the sink and proceeded to finish the job that my fiancee and Silvia had started. The thrill of whacking off in a stranger's home as well as the thrill of Susan's prodding and her cousin's sultry teasing resulted in an explosion that took seconds to complete and almost took my head off. My knees buckled and my body shivered as wave after wave of cum splurted into the sink. Eventually I came back to reality, as my legs trembled, and I cleaned myself and the sink up and went back downstairs. I never did get a chance to pee.

When I walked into the dining room, both my fiancee and her cousin looked at me and began to laugh. 'Are you alright? ", my fiancee asked as she smiled a sly smile at me." Silvia told me that she thought you might be lost, so I told her to go look for you! ", she continued as they both looked at each other and laughed again. I had most certainly turned completely red. I smiled meekly, said nothing, but sat down and took my fork and dove it into the cake that was being served. My fiancee, put her hand on my inner thigh and squeezed. I looked up at her and she smiled and winked. I wondered if every dinner with her side of the family was going to go like this.

It was chocolate cake and I love chocolate cake. I closed my eyes, smiled to myself, and took a large bite.

Shared space... different reality
Posted:Apr 30, 2018 4:06 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2018 8:26 am
Everyone lives in their own reality, even though we may all be sharing the same space...

I recently visited my favorite burger restaurant. The place was jam packed. It usually was on, 'Two for one Tuesdays', where (obviously), any meal in this burger joint was two, for the price of one.

At our table, the four men (friends of mine), had food piled high. We had enough food perhaps, for a family of 8- I would estimate. One of us had been bold enough to order two family meals. I ordered my usual double cheese burgers with onion rings and fries. It was too much food for any of us to consume comfortably in one sitting, but then again, 'two for one Tuesdays' was never about comfort, but about consumption. Every other table in this restaurant was populated with families and groups of men and women and children, laughing and enjoying similar scenes of gleeful, loud, and cheerful gluttony.

As I was aggressively chewing through my second burger, I noticed a dark haired man in his early forties, walk towards one of the only empty tables, at the far corner of the restaurant. He wore a long grey, rumpled overcoat, draped over a dark blue suit and carried a large plastic bag in his left hand - the type they give you when you buy designer clothing. In his right hand he held his tray. He had ordered two hot dogs and fries. He settled into the small, corner booth , placed his bag beside him, on the floor, right next to the wall and unbuttoned his overcoat. I glanced at him from across the room, as I opened my mouth (as wide as possible), to enable the burger to pass through my lips. He, reached out for a fry with his fingers.

I began to chew off that piece of burger (too large for my mouth), when I paused, and thought to myself, 'Why would someone get a hot dog, in this place, when 'their' hot dogs, were notoriously poor?' I didn't mean that they were bad, but that they were not worth buying - when you had a choice to buy one of their fabulous burgers.

My question was rhetorical - you'd buy that hot dog, if you couldn't afford to buy the burger. That's the only answer there could be. The only answer that made any sense. Especially on 'Two for one Tuesdays'.

I watched as the man in the rumpled coat, slowly, bit off a small piece of his hot dog. Another one of us at my table, would have swallowed that 'dog', in two or three bites. He slowly chewed and sipped from a bottle of water.

I finished my burgers, rose from my seat, and carried my tray to where all the other trays were stacked. I then made my way towards the washroom and past the man in the rumpled coat. As I passed him, I reached into my pocket and placed a folded ten dollar bill, right next to the edge of his tray. He paused from his meal, looked down at the money and then back up at me. I didn't say anything. Our eyes met and I simply nodded my head, and continued to walk.

Upon exiting the washroom, I made my way back to my table, but (above the din and laughter and ruckus in the restaurant), I heard a voice, 'Sir... Sir... Sir!', in an ever increasing and frantic volume. I turned and looked at where the voice was coming from - it was the man in the rumpled overcoat. He looked at me, smiled and mouthed the words, 'Thank you!', and nodded his head gently up and down, in gratitude. I nodded back at him and gave him a 'thumbs up' sign with my right hand. I stood there and smiled at him and from where I stood, I noticed tears welling up in his eyes. I nodded towards him again and made my way to my table... where the food was still piled high, and the laughter filled my ears. But my heart was filled with sadness, at least in that second. As I sat down, I glanced again at the man in the rumpled coat. He was staring at me and wiping tears from his eyes. I looked at him and smiled. One of my friends suddenly broke my gaze by asking me a question. I turned away from the man in the rumpled coat and towards my friend... to answer him ....
"What? What did you say? I wasn't paying attention", I replied...
Making love in wild or different spots...
Posted:Apr 27, 2018 5:40 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2018 8:28 am
What is the most different or original or crazy place you've made love in? Was it it your car? Was it in a public place?

I've made love in the freezing cold in the middle of January on the frozen snow. Below is an excerpt from that story. The complete story can be found on A F F Erotic Stories... Please visit and enjoy...

It's called...
Lust in the Frozen Snow...

Passionate hot sex, in the snow, on a freezing cold winter's day- can best be described in one word - 'ecstasy'!

It was a cold January morning, when my girlfriend and I, turned off the main road and onto the small, narrow rural road, not far from my summer cottage. It was a freezing cold day and the tires of my car, squeeked against the frozen snow, as I slowly pulled up into the plowed driveway... (more of a pathway) , which was large enough for one car.

I closed the engine and we stepped out of the warm car and into the cold. As we both breathed in the clean, fresh air, and listened to the deafening silence- we looked at each other and smiled- it was a beautiful day!

"Let's walk down to the river", I suggested. She agreed and hand in hand (actually - glove in glove ), we trudged along the narrow road towards the river, a short distance away. Arriving at the shore, we noticed the open water and steam rising from the flowing rapids. It was a site to behold, but damm , it was cold!

My girlfriend and I had only been together for a few months, at that point, and sex was always on our minds. She wasn't shy either. She reached for the zipper of my snow pants, grinned her 'horny' grin, flashed her brilliant white teeth at me, and said - "Let's fuck!". I agreed with her, as I tried (in vain) to undo the grip that the velcro belt, (circling her waist) , had, on her snow pants. She laughed and pushed my hands away. "I'll do it!", she giggled.

... If the story interested you up to this point, then you're sure to enjoy the rest. Click on the link below.

[group_post 1]Lust, in the Frozen Snow... (based on s true story...)
Posted:Apr 20, 2018 6:26 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2018 8:32 am

How do we make connections with other people? Sometimes they are planned but often circumstances and coincidence and that intangible fellow- 'luck' pokes his head up to push matters in directions of his own preference. Let me give you an example, of something that happened to me, many years ago.

I had left work downtown that evening and had made my way to a small club that I frequently went to. I was sitting, at the far end of the bar, facing the door and nursing a beer, when she walked in. She was tall , and poised and her long, straight brown hair, framed her face as she moved her head slowly from side to side, as if searching for a friend, or a place to sit. She looked determined.

There were none - seats that is. The bar was jam packed with, 'Happy Hour', patrons. It was standing room, only! She turned her head towards me. Our eyes locked.

The music was loud and people next to me, were shouting out their orders to the bartender, who was happily overwhelmed. She slowly turned her head, side to side, and again perused the crowded bar, and then again, looked at me.

Our eyes met once more. I raised my glass of beer towards her, and with my right hand, pointed to my left, where, (in spite the crowded conditions), there remained a spot to stand - large enough for one person.

She held my gaze, paused, and slowly pushed and angled her way through the crowd, in my direction. She skillfully arched her back, against the men and women huddled around, in various poses, until finally, she stood before me, and smiled- "You're sitting in my my seat?" , she asked. I guess I was.

That's the way I met the woman, who eventually, become my wife! We spoke and laughed and joked and had a great time and eventually her friends showed up and we all commandeered a whole corner of that bar.

To this day, I question myself on the circumstances, or coincidences or luck that paved my fate that night. If I hadn't left work earlier than usual, I would not have been able to get a seat at the bar. If I hadn't been sitting in the corner, then I would never have seen her walk in. If she hadn't trusted an unknown face and made her way to me... And finally, there was much more at play - specifically the chemistry between us, that ultimately welded our hearts together.

Coincidence, circumstance luck - how has your life been been touched by the alliance these three partners?
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Hot and Sticky... Based on a true story...
Posted:Apr 16, 2018 10:02 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2018 8:33 am
Hot and Sticky (based on a true story...)

It was 5:00 AM in the morning in July. The sun was somewhere barely trying to poke around out over a distant horizon somewhere, and already the temperature outside was making it very hot and sticky. I came out of the hot shower and actually felt relief when I opened the bathroom door and felt, the illusion of a cool breeze. My balls dangled between my legs as I wiped my cock with the towel.

I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee. My kitchen faced the East. I moved from the kitchen to my bedroom, which faced the west. I found relief. There, the air, was cool and fresh and the light was very dim.

I put my coffee on my dresser and flopped onto the top of my bed. Bouncing for a second, I thought, 'This is going to be a long, hot, steamy day'. I still had some water droplets glistening on my body and as I ran my hands down along my stomach the wetness felt good and it excited me.

My bedroom had huge sliding glass doors and they were opened wide.. The breeze (created from the draft between my front kitchen and my rear bedroom doors ), caressed my naked body, as I closed my eyes and tilted my head back.

Every part of me was squeaky clean and so smooth and silky to my touch. I was getting turned on! My right hand reached for my cock. I'm not circumcised, so I began by slowly peeling back my foreskin to reveal my glans. I waved my awakening cock back and forth against my stomach... as my dick slowly responded to my encouragement. It was not long before I had a raging hard on. I continued to stroke my engorged member with my right hand while my left hand clasped and fondled my balls.

Precum poured out of my throbbing penis while my fingers slowly moved my uncut skin up and down, and up and down. The anguish and ecstasy of my whole body tingling in waves of pleasure... was reaching its pinnacle. Yet my hands continued to move slowly up... and down. I paused once - edging, ever so close, I held my shaft at the base and watched as the purple, glistening, head of my cock pulsed and throbbed, to its own beat.

And finally, the first release of cum then another even larger explosion and the convulsions continued in diminished intensity - six , seven eight, nine times as my hand moved up and down over my cock slower and slower and slower, until finally - the throbbing had stopped, the convulsions had stopped and my head shimmered with the realisation, that I was slowly coming back to reality.

'Well... that 'one' certainly was a mind blower', I thought. I lay there in my bed, grabbed my towel and cleaned myself up, then threw the towel behind me on the chair and bounced up out of bed. It's then, to my shock, and horror, that I noticed her (my neighbour), standing, leaning on her second floor balcony railing, staring at me and smiling.

She was, in her early 40's divorced and extremely attractive. I was... naked, and standing in front of my open bedroom doors. Although the sun was not at its brightest, I could very clearly make out the color of the shorts she was wearing, the sandals on her feet, the color of her lips and the expression on her face.

'Good morning. Thanks for the show. I really enjoyed it, and you certainly looked like you were having fun! ', she said with a sly smile as she waved to me.

'Good morning', I replied as I reached for my towel.

Whenever we'd meet (after that), she'd always give me a wide beaming smile and jokingly ask what time I was waking up. The question always made me blush but I would always faithfully answer.
My divorced lady neighbour, sold her house and moved away that fall. However, whenever I could, I would always wake up, that summer, just before sunrise, open the outside doors of my bedroom - and pleasure myself to mind shattering orgasms. I never checked if she was standing on her balcony. Just knowing that she might be - was all I needed to push me into oblivion.

I've never looked forward (so impatiently) , to waking up as early as that, in my life.
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Caught Naked . . . At Work
Posted:Apr 12, 2018 4:35 pm
Last Updated:May 24, 2018 8:33 am
Stuff can happen at work.. Seriously... - be careful! lol ...
(Based on a true story...)

I have a female Instagram friend, named Sarah, whom I've never met, but who convinced me, it would be fun to exchange naked pictures of ourselves . As a man, I did not need any convincing. She sent me her pictures first, because women are brave about that sort of thing, and I didn't want to seem inappropriate, since I did not really know what type of pics she would send me.

Sarah's pictures to me - were quite explicit. Her pictures were, astounding, absolutely shockingly erotic, sensual, exciting and fucking incredible! I mean honestly, I expected a tit- but she gave me so much more!

I'll describe the pics to you. In all of them, Sarah wore black fishnet stockings and black heels, and nothing else! Her first , had her on her knees- her ass and cunt facing me, as she spread her luscious vagina with her fingers. That was great! She continued with another on her back, on the floor, while she spread her pussy lips for me and dipped fingers into herself. The third was of her sitting on the edge of her bed, legs wide open, with a totally lustful expression on her face. And lastly, she sent me a full frontal of herself, standing in her stockings and heels and looking, fucking hot! She set the bar high and I would have to come back with some erotic stuff of my own, to match hers.

For me - taking the pictures was much easier than I thought it would be. Holding my camera ph in hand was simple and my dick was hard as a rock, just thinking about the fact that these shots were for her. I should say, that I am uncircumcised, and my cock, fully erect is and hs inches long (Yes I measured it! Guys do that!). When I'm aroused, precum flows out of my dick like lava - literally. None of my partners have ever complained about lack of lubrication.

Out of all the pictures that I took, I chose three that were especially good. The first, was of my full sized chubby, with foreskin completely covering my cock head, as precum dripped out. The second , was of my quarter erection - my cock pointing in the air, with the precum dripping head of my penis, still partially covered by my foreskin. And the third was of my raging, full blown erection (all and hs inches of me), being squeezed by my left hand, as the glistening head of my maroon colored dick pointed at the lense. Looking at my body of work that night and reviewing the pics that I chose as finalists, I have to admit - I was impressed.

The next day, I was at work, and it was early in the afternoon. I was sitting behind my desk facing my desktop computer, in my little cubicle, in a row of cubicles, in an office building, on a floor, of hundreds of cubicles, and I was on the ph with a client, when he put me on hold. This guy, was notoriously difficult to reach and we were taught - 'Don't leave the client, unless they ask you to'. So I waited, with my phone headset on, listening to the background hold music- Classic 50 s, Big Band .

It was about that time, that Sarah and I began messaging on Instagram. I decided to send her the pictures I had chosen the previous night . Those pictures were sent to her, in a flurry.

However.... to find them on my phone, and click, on the send button and repeat the procedure 3 times, took about, 4 or 5, or perhaps even, 6 minutes. I had never before in my life sent naked pictures of myself, to any - let al an acquaintance, who I hardly knew. It was exciting, thrilling and slightly terrifying - in a good way! I was breathing quickly and I'll admit - it was a total turn ! My cock was as hard as it could be, throbbing wildly, and I could feel myself getting wet!

I went to the; Hidden Folder, on my phone, perused the naked pictures of myself and blew them up on my cell phone screen. I looked at them and questioned my choices. Were these really the best? Which pics should I post?

I admired them briefly , (men are really vain and sometimes insecure about their equipment), and I flipped back and forth a few times between the pics. Decisions were finally made and the pictures were sent out in rapid succession. I waited for Sarah's reply... and I continued to look at, well.... I continued to look at naked pictures of myself. I wondered again, if I had chosen the right s and if they were worthy. I was still on hold - Sinatra's, New York, New York, was
playing in the background.

And that's... when my boss, leaned over my right shoulder, lifted my head phone headset , and she whispered into my ear, (yes... SHE whispered) ..., "Nice pictures! Really .... REALLY ... nice, NICE pictures! But.... shouldn't you be talking with a client?" .

I don't think any... in fact, I know - no , could imagine my shock and horror and embarrassment and humiliation , when I found - HER - my Boss, leaning over my right shoulder, inches from my face, looking down at my cell ph as it brilliantly and vividly (I have a Galaxy S8 ), reflected the full reen image, of my left hand, squeezing my, rock hard cock , as a precum tear drop, sparkled on its huge, purple glistening head. I can only presume, that she also might have imagined it, throbbing, as it certainly was - when I took the picture. Samsung phs, take good pictures . Certainly I was not prepared for this. I froze, in horrified embarrassment!

She looked at me and smiled - such a sly, ful, beguiling smile. that I had never seen before. And then, she looked down at the picture, still , on my reen, and looked at me again- locking my eyes, in a forced embrace, she turned, and slowly walked away.

A colleague of mine, later, told me that she had been standing over my shoulder, easily, for more than 5 minutes. He thought, she was just listening to my conversation - that's what she would do. I am a senior rep at this company and I often junior reps with their issues. I never or rarely, need . Yet, for the rest of the afternoon, every 20 minutes or so, she'd come up to me.. and purposefully lean over and in an uncharacteristically soft voice, ask me - 'Is everything ok ?', . or .. 'Do you need any with anything?' , or... (and this comment, was so contrived and planned) , 'Paul , you look like you're having a HARD day. Smile... it's all good!".

Holy shit and, what the fuck! If there had been a hole to crawl into , I would have been there.

My boss is an attractive, slim, athletic, classy divorced, middle aged , lady - but I will never, ever, get involved with some at work and least of all my BOSS! She had been totally professional with me since I was assigned to her team - but now? After work, and as people were leaving and she was bidding them a good night,, she subtly made her way towards my cubicle, as I was shutting down my desktop .

'Soooo... You're on Instagram? What's your user name?', she asked. 'I'm on Instagram too' , she said, as she smiled at me.

We talked for a bit. I gathered up my knapsack, and bid her a good night. It was an exciting and embarrassing and humiliating and - fucking crazy afternoon! It was certainly the most original day I've ever had at work!

My Instagram account received a new follower that night. It was a private account - I don't follow, private accounts. It's going to be a weird day at work tomorrow.

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