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Ebony and Ivory   4/29/2019

After Adele's 3rd orgasm, I pulled my cock out of her juicy soaked pussy and slid my cock into her cute little puckered butt hole, brown ass looked damn good bent over her kitchen table. Adele a

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Hot wife Soaked Sheets   3/28/2019

Lisa text me to make sure we were still on for the evening, I replied only if I can use a new toy on you. She responded Oh my god yes. I got to Lisa's house as she was all alone, her husband ha

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Two Asians and the Sperminator   3/26/2019

I had just entered Riza's pussy as I watched Lucy enter the room in only sexy panties , she lay down on the bed as she listened then, watched as I was fucking her sister. My hard cock was working

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Haircut and 2 Pussies   2/16/2019

Beth talked me into letting her cut my hair, she used to be a beautician before she started her business, she still had her one chair set up in the back of her house. I knew it was going to be more t

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Huge Load for Trucker's Wife   2/15/2019

My Adult Dating One friend Mary contacted me wanted to know if it Ok to give Maja my contact info. I agreed and Maja invited me over for V-Day. Maja was wearing a nice little nighty when I arrived, hugged me, off

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Breast Stroke   2/13/2019

Got a pic message from Lisa, said I like cream with my coffee, don't want to wait till next week. What a sexy way to start the day. I messaged her back to join Mindy, Jim, and I for lunch we wor

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Lust has no mercy   2/11/2019

I got a text from Tina to go to the back door and come in when I got there and text her. I arrived, Tina let me in, hugged, kissed me, and handed me some wine. Tina looked awesome, sweater, leggings

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Hotwife Cum CockTail   2/9/2019

Got a call from Jim, he said Mindy was upset he brought in another guy without asking her first, he said he told her I suggested it and begged me to tell her that, I said no problem, he then said than

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Truck Driver's Wife, 3some, double anal   2/4/2019

I met my Adult Dating One hotwife friend Mary and my new friend Chian for lunch the other day. We hugged and chatted as they introduced me to Chian's friend Maja. Mary is full aware I am not looking for more

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Happy Blond New Year   1/7/2019

I like to thank the large response I have gotten to my shared experiences, I hope everyone finds sexual happiness in 2019. I share my new years day, but probably take a break from writing for a while

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Tequila, Mexican Ass & DP   12/28/2018

All I can say is this what I remember, went to my Adult Dating One hot wife friend's Mary house to find her and Chian in a very festive holiday mood. Mary and I have a once a month arrangement but she asked i

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Cum Miser   12/24/2018

Lucy called wanted to know if it was Ok to give my number to her sister, I said Ok, within minutes her Sister Riza text me wanted to know if I could come over and help her play hide the candy cane and

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Jingle Balls   12/21/2018

As a vendor I was invited to Rick and Beth's company and friends Christmas Party at their house. Beth is a great host with finger foods and everyone brings drink, an excellent gathering. Beth lo

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Hotwife lets Hubby watch her ass taken   12/20/2018

I arrived at Jim and Mindy's as Mindy kissed and hugged when I walked in, she had contacted me to come over as Jim has totally gone to wanting his wife being the hotwife and he wants to watch, thi

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White Chocolate   12/18/2018

Soon as entered Adele's house she hugged and kissed me. Adele is now a regular as we have a great friendship, lustful sex, and she is my MD. Adele was smiling from ear to ear as she was wearing a

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Asian Duck Sauce   12/17/2018

Lucy met me at the door wearing a little red night gown, she hugged and kissed. did a little twirl to show off and said Merry Christmas. Lucy looked down right edible and I planned on unwrapping her

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Ms. Anal Claus   12/15/2018

I arrived at Beth's business and the secretary led me to her office. Beth greeted me and asked me to relax on the sofa as she started to clear papers off her desk. Soon her husband Rick came sai

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Viva Mexico 3some   12/13/2018

I pulled into Mary's garage as the door closed behind me, Mary was waiting outside my car. Soon as I got out, Mary hugged me kissed me and said I got surprise for you! Mary is my Adult Dating One hotwife fri

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Asian Hot wife & sister anal training   11/12/2018

Riza had Lucy and I over Sunday Evening as her kids were gone. I arrived to find Lucy and her sister Riza already into the dragonfruit wine and they quickly poured me a glass. They took me to the li

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Husband Watches Carribean Hotwife   11/8/2018

I sat down with Jim and Mindy as Jim was back to wanting to watch his wife get fucked by another man again, Mindy had agreed but only if I was the man. I asked Jim if he was sure about this, he said

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Asian Threesome   11/5/2018

Lucy asked me to meet her at her sister's Riza's house on Saturday night, as she informed me that she had let Riza know about our sexual arrangement (Riza had not known Lucy's husband coul

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Hotwife Hot ASS Lovely Legs   10/28/2018

I got a IM on here from a woman named Mary that lived in the area, we been emailing back and forth and she finally talked me into meeting for coffee on Friday. Mary was well dressed and first thing I

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Just What the doc ordered   10/26/2018

I went to my usual doctors appointment yesterday. The practice had added a new person I saw, this was my third time meeting her, she was a nurse practitioner named Adele. I really did enjoy my appoi

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Asian Wife and her Sister   10/20/2018

Lucy had called to make sure I was coming over last night and to tell me she had a surprise for me, so when I arrived last night Lucy quickly led me to living room and introduced me to her younger sis

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Tina, Friend, 3some 1st Anal   10/17/2018

Beth has an annual drop by gathering for friends and business clients each year. She invited me and Tina called to ask if she could come with me. Beth has been a great friend and we were regular hoo

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Asain Wife 4 bunny tail   10/9/2018

Lucy called and asked me to come over last night, I was more than happy too. I arrived last night and Lucy was home alone her husband Rick had left so we could be alone. Lucy was wearing a satin rob

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Hooked on Cock   10/4/2018

Got a call from Beth wanting to know if I could go over to Tina's last night. I had to rearrange some things but Beth has been such a good friend I said yes. I had not expected to being going to

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Indian Wife, training that ass   10/3/2018

After our first meeting, it did not take long to get a call from Anna wanting a second hookup. I was eager to get back again as pleasing a woman that has been neglected for so long is just down right

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His Wife & Friend, 3some & DP   10/1/2018

Beth was back in town and I got a call to meet her at Tina's house. Beth had informed me, they wanted another threesome before Tina hit the dating scene, after getting some real dick again, Tina

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Latino Mom and Daughter   9/28/2018

My friend Fred had retired to Central America some years ago, about 5 years ago he remarried a local woman, who was much younger than him, Fred is about 80 and his wife Maria 50. Steve and Maria were

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Asain Wife 3 Back Door Delight   9/26/2018

Lucy called and wanted to know if I could come over yesterday, said she didn't want to wait till October, so I agreed. I got to her house last night, she answered the door in a cute little orient

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